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Delivering improved cash flow through effective cost optimization in Qatar

Cost Reduction & Optimization Specialists Delivering Value Through Insight

We work alongside our clients’ existing finance, procurement and operations teams to help them to derive additional value from the supply chain.

Different clients extract that value in different ways. For many it’s a simple case of generating savings to use elsewhere in the business. Others place greater emphasis on an improvement in supplier service and quality, or the innovation which can be drawn from professional Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Whatever your definition of additional value, ERA can help your teams achieve it. We are a unique network of highly experienced supply-side experts and we help organisations like yours by working alongside your stakeholders to reduce overhead costs in a wide range of areas.

We use our people and analytical tools to do the hard work for you and as we’re currently helping more than 1,000 UK clients, we really know what best value looks like. Our specialists bring to bear our considerable spending power and a lifetime of experience gained during senior careers in their areas of expertise. This results in a service that helps your teams improve processes, save money and derive added benefits from suppliers.

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Delivering Value Through Insight™ is integral to the services we provide for our clients, helping them to improve business performance with effective procurement and supplier management. Download our corporate brochure today to explore how we can help your business, with detailed summaries of what we do, including useful case studies and insights.

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"Our global network combined with local market knowledge enables ERA to help your organisation gain additional value from your supplier base."

Local Knowledge, Global Reach

Working locally with your business in Qatar, we bring the combined knowledge and experience of our entire global network. With dedicated specialists in a variety of industries, particularly from across Europe, we deliver international insights which have been localized to meet the specific needs of your business. This enables us to achieve savings that are greater and more sustainable than if they were realized in-house.

Helping you to bridge the gap to gain a competitive advantage

Many of our clients initially dismissed the idea that any improvements – and certainly any savings – that could be achieved would be worth the time and effort of finding them.

Our risk-free approach has enabled many of them to engage with us and generate significant cost savings and innovative new ways of working with suppliers.

Explore our Industry Practice Groups (IPGs) which provide expertise from around the world

We provide expert solutions across a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Retail to name but a few. Whatever your needs, our global network of specialists can help.

A Few Words from our Executive Chairman, Fred Marfleet

“I have proudly led ERA since 1992 and during that time I have had the pleasure of watching the business become a leading and award-winning organisation that prides itself on helping as many companies as possible to run more efficiently.

I am continually impressed by the results and support ERA is able to provide its clients, and ERA Qatar is no exception. As ERA’s partner, PIVOT LLC delivers ERA cost optimisation expertise and our suite of services. From first-hand involvement, I can say their business model is truly inspiring. As a member of the Qatar British Business Forum supported by knowledge across Europe, ERA Qatar delivers international expertise locally to clients in Qatar.

ERA Qatar has extensive experience in oil and gas and financial services but as a Human-to-Human business, built on collaboration and knowledge sharing, their access to expertise across other industries is right at their fingertips.

The value of engaging with ERA Qatar is clear, let’s get to work.”

You can learn more about our Executive Chairman Fred Marfleet here.

"As a member of the Qatar British Business Forum supported by knowledge across Europe, ERA Qatar delivers international expertise locally to clients in Qatar."

Fred Marfleet, Executive Chairman - Expense Reduction Analysts

If you would like to speak to someone at Expense Reduction Analysts to discuss your business and objectives further, contact us today and a member of the team will get in touch to provide you with more information and help explain exactly how we can help your business.

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