UAE Private Education Sector: Facilities Management Research

How the Private Education Sector can Improve the Quality and Cost of Facilities Operations in the UAE

Facilities Management (cleaning, maintenance, security, pest control, etc.) constitutes the third largest expense for most schools and universities. Whether these services are delivered by internal staff or external service providers, many organizations believe that they are fixed costs that cannot be reduced.

The reality is that there are numerous opportunities to optimize Facilities Management operations to deliver the same or better quality at a lower cost. Given the current COVID-19 sanitation and fit out requirements, schools and universities need to proactively manage these services and costs with their suppliers.

The purpose of this survey is to shed light on the current state of Facilities Operations in the UAE private education sector, with the aim of identifying opportunities for improving the quality and cost of these critical services.

For example, our research demonstrates that schools and universities have opportunities to optimize Facilities Operations costs by consolidating suppliers, removing redundant management layers, and renegotiating contract specifications to reduce cost overruns. Furthermore, institutions may benefit from drafting contracts that tie fees to outcomes rather than materials and activities, with flexibility to absorb some volatility in demand during these uncertain times. This will require some specialist knowledge and ongoing monitoring of supplier performance.

These are just two examples of the opportunities identified within our white paper which can empower you to take tangible cost saving actions within your institution. Download the white paper today.

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This survey targeted Heads of Educational Institutions or School Groups, as well as Heads of Finance, Operations, Administration, or Facilities working in the UAE Private Education Sector. Representatives of 23 private schools and universities responded from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Download all of the insights today.

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"Cost increases in Facilities Operations are not surprising given the list of COVID-19 requirements issued by Health and Education authorities across the UAE. The KHDA, for example, issued a list of 118 points categorized under 16 actions that are required before educational institutions can receive students on campus."

Our Survey Results

Inside our white paper you will find all of our survey results gathered from across the extensive range of respondents. As you can see from the adjacent graphics, we surveyed Heads of Education and other senior leaders within the education sector to generate the most relevant and up to date insights possible from amongst decision makers.

At the time of publishing this survey, many FM contracts will be coming up for renewal. While this offers an opportunity to include updates for COVID-19 requirements, institutions must also manage the risk of variation fees and demand fluctuation. The source of this risk may be new regulatory requirements for on-campus education, or potential increases in the numbers of students going online.

Download the full white paper today and discover methods for reducing your Facilities Management costs.

Respondents’ Facilities Management Scope

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