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Jean-Marc Riegel | Expense Reduction Analysts

33 years of professional experience in Private Equity (Multi-sectorial), Corporate & Investment Banking both in the conventional and the ethical/participative/Islamic banking industry, both in international (BNP Paribas) and regional (MENASEA : QIB) financial institutions in the Americas (BNP Paribas Canada), Europe (BNP Paribas France) and the Middle-East-North-Africa-South-East-Asia (MENASEA : QIB Doha, Board of QInvest Doha, QIB-UK London, AFB Kuala Lumpur, CBC Mauritius) : Achievement is the 1st ethical leasing of an Airbus 340-600, the first locally syndicated loan for a Qatari Corporate, and first ethical project finance bond for a Qatari based issuer.

My experience in Private Equity exposed me to direct involvement in Corporate cost optimization in various industries such as oil & gas, hospitality, telecoms, education & retail industries in different continents.

My experience in Institutional sales exposed me to direct involvement in Merger & Acquisition (M&A) and IPO of companies in the European & Asian continent.

My experience in financial audit exposed me to Corporate Banking credit risk, Forex in the Emerging Markets & Futures (LIFFE), financial analysis in natural resources industries, corporate banking costs and profitability . I’m also a member of the Expense Reduction Financial Services Industry Practice Group enabling me to deliver even more specialist support to businesses in the industry.

My experience in Corporate Special Loans in BNP Paribas Canada during the economic crisis exposed me to Trade Finance, Import-Export, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Transportation, Industrial & Natural Resources banking loans & credit restructuring, loan recovery with in-house corporate reorganization helped by special advisers to avoid bankruptcy and loan receivership : a very relevant experience now that I dedicate my time and expertise to provide Corporate Advisory services in various industries and geographies, in various areas such as Corporate strategy, reorganization, restructuring with a focus on cost optimization through our Company PIVOT LLC based in Qatar and licensed by the Qatar Financial Center Authority and our exclusive franchise rights of Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) for the territory of Qatar.

My 20 years of professional experience in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC Bahrain 5 years & Qatar 15 years) exposed me to the regional and the local Corporate best practices in most industries.

My MBA from HEC Canada & Graduation from the French Business Schools (Grandes Ecoles) exposed me to the evaluation, analysis & implementation methodology required in advising Corporates in the improvement of their value chain. “

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