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Delivering Cost Reduction Services for Personnel & HR Services in Qatar

Cost Optimization in Personnel & HR Services Delivery with Expense Reduction Analysts Qatar

An organization’s most important asset is its people. Therefore, cultivating and maintaining a strong workforce is essential.

From utilising staffing services to finding top talent to overseeing payroll responsibilities, to handling fleet management options for employees who travel outside of the office, an organisation is often juggling multiple personnel obligations at any given time.

If your organisation is relying on outsourced services, ERA can help you determine if your suppliers are delivering quality services at competitive pricing.

Here at ERA, we offer a wide range of services designed to help reduce your personnel costs. It’s not all about saving money though, as our experts also strive to help improve efficiencies within your business, helping to reduce operation overheads and stresses.

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Our Methodology

Employment (Staffing) Services

The most important asset for businesses is the people.

Finding employees with the right skills, experience and qualifications is a time-consuming priority and external providers – temporary employment agency, job centers, job brokers and recruit specialists are often called upon.

Expense Reduction Analysts helps clients analyze their employment services expenses and find savings with the same level of service.

Payroll Processing

All successful businesses invest in their people. Estimating required resources, identifying the right individuals, giving them the tools to do their job, compensating them fairly and paying them on time are all vital elements of having a focused and engaged workforce.

It’s therefore vitally important to ensure that a strategic approach is taken to ensuring they are provided for in a way that guarantees compliance with your organisations’ standards, but which doesn’t break your bank.

More and more organisations are adopting customer-centric models and that means a highly adaptable and changing workforce. Having the means to manage and motivate them, ensure they have the right training and equipment and the right working environment are all equally important.

HR Admin & Outsourcing

Not all companies are in a position to have an in-house human resources team, so outsourcing these needs can be an effective way to provide valuable help and protection to your staff and the company as a whole. Knowing the right skills and having the right policies is vital for an effective business, so getting the most from an outsourced HR can be hugely effective.

Your staff requirements can represent a significant commitment of time and resource, particularly in certain industries which still rely heavily on paper records. Efficiency is vital in ensuring an effective flow of information, not to mention when looking to expand the number of staff and bringing new people on board. Ensuring a suitable setup with your HR resource can help your business grow and protect you from unforeseen problems.

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